Excellent coffee solutions for your restaurant or café 

Elevate your business with Nespresso 

With Nespresso Professionel you always serve quality coffee with the same unique flavor profile in every cup, regardless of the type of coffee, time of day, season or whether it’s with out without milk. 

With Nespresso Professional you elevate the quality, enabling you to sell more coffee and charge a higher price*. If your restaurant or café sells more than three cups of coffee a day, there is already a potential financial gain to be had by leasing a Nespresso Aguila, for example. 


Increased coffee sales


Increased sales of milk-based coffee bevarages*


Higher salesprice*

Source: Gennemsnitligt salg, Dec 2011 – May 2012, blandt 11 europæiske Nespresso-kunder

Impress your guests with a sublime coffee experience

We understand that coffee is an important part of the gastronomic experience in your restaurant. That’s why we offer a wide selection of carefully selected coffee varieties that can be customized to match your menu, style and character. Whether your guests desire an intense espresso, a harmonious lungo or a creamy cappuccino, our coffee solutions will ensure that every cup is a true delight. 

Creamy and harmonic
Intensity 6 / 12
Intense and spicy
Intensity 10 / 12
Sweet and silky
Intensity 4 / 12
Fruity and elegant
Intensity 6 / 12
Rich and silky
Intensity 6 / 12
Aromatic decaf
Intensity 7 / 12
Balanced and malty
Intensity 7 / 12
Intensity 9 / 12
Dark and intense
Intensity 12 / 12
Intensity 5 / 12
Intensity 6 / 12
Deep and intense
Intensity 8 / 12
Toasted Cereal
Intensity 0 / 12
Sweet and delicate
Intensity 0 / 12
Creamy caramel
Intensity 0 / 12
Balanced and aromatic
Intensity 0 / 12
Creamy and sweet
Intensity 0 / 12
From delicate to dark
Intensity 0 / 12
Discovery kit, 12 variants
Fra mild til mørk
Intensity 0 / 12
Discovery kit, 6 variants
From delicate to dark
Intensity 0 / 12

The choices we make 

Since 2003, Nespresso has worked closely with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure the environment, coffee plants and our coffee beans have the best possible conditions for growth. Discover how each cup of Grand Cru contributes to making a positive impact on the world and make a more sustainable coffee choice for your business. 

The journey towards a 100% sustainable coffee economy is well underway. Follow our progress here 

Reusable packaging 

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The positive Cup

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The heart of home projektet

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Take the next step to better coffee 

Give your guests an unforgettable coffee experience with Nespresso Professional coffee solutions for your restaurant. Contact us today and let us help you create a great coffee experience that fully matches your culinary ambitions.  


Complete the experience at the café or restaurant 

A perfectly brewed cup of coffee can complete a fantastic dining experience at the restaurant, breathe new life into every morning at the hotel or create a cozy atmosphere in the café or cafeteria. At Nespresso Professional we understand this dynamic and have designed machines for this very purpose; to spread the good taste. 

Our coffee machines are particularly suitable for restaurants, cafes, bars, cafeterias and hotels, where the quality of the coffee is just as important as the food and the service you provide. We know that an excellent cup of coffee can be what sets your product apart from the competition, and we have developed our technology and products to help you achieve exactly that. 

User-friendly coffee machines

Nespresso Professional’s coffee machines are easy to use and can brew multiple cups of coffee at once, which is perfect for busy morning hours in the kitchen, café, cafeteria or bar. They are also designed to deliver the best taste in every cup, so you can be sure that every customer gets an unforgettable coffee experience.  

Coffee machines designed to impress 

Our kaffemaskiner are not only high-performing but also elegantly designet to fit perfectly into any profesional setting. They combine functionality with style, ensuring that your business appears as inviting as possible. 

Aguila series – The ultimate barista

Nespresso Professional’s Aguila 220 and Aguila 440 coffee machines represent the pinnacle of professional coffee experiences. They combine Nespresso’s renowned quality and flavor with high-performance technology required in a busy restaurant, café, kitchen, cafeteria or bar.

Achieve greater flexibility and capacity with Aguila. Aguila 220 and 440 can brew multiple cups of coffee simultaneously. With Aguila 220 you can brew two cups at a time, while Aguila 440 can handle four. This makes them ideal for busy hours in your restaurant when there is a high demand for coffee. 

These machines offer a wide range of coffee beverages, from espresso to latte, and can prepare both hot and cold drinks. With Aguila machines, you can easily tailor your coffee menu to your guest’s taste. 

Aguila 220


Aguila 440


The Aguila machines are designed for easy operation. They feature a user-friendly interface and a wide range of automated functions, minimizing errors and reducing the time required to train new staff. 

These coffee machines consistently deliver high quality in every cup. They use Nespresso’s premium coffee combined with advanced brewing technology to ensure optimal taste and aroma in each cup.

Aguila machines come equipped with a professional milk brother capable of producing both hot and cold frothed milk. This allows you to offer a wide variety of drinks, from cappuccinos to iced lattes. 

Aguila 220 and 440 have a sophisticated, modern design that seamlessly fits into any restaurant environment. They are not just a practical solution but also an attractive addition to your restaurant.

The Aguila family from Nespresso Professional is the ultimate choice for any restaurant, café, kitchen bar or cafeteria to provide their guests with the best coffee experience. They are designet to meet the demands of a busy restaurant environment while delivering exceptional quality and flavor in every cup.

Choose Nespresso when coffee needs to be an experience

Choose Nespresso Professional’s coffee machines for your kitchen, cafeteria, restaurant, café or bar. Elevate the quality of your business and impress your customers with the best coffee in town. Because at Nespresso Professional, it’s not just a cup of coffee – It’s an experience. 

Environmentally friendly coffee machines for the restaurant & café

At Nespresso Professional we strive to deliver exceptional quality in every cup. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, from our recyclable coffee capsules to our energy-efficient coffee machines. We believe that the best coffee not only tastes good but is also good for our planet.