A unique heating system means great coffee in just 30 seconds. When size doesn't matter but great taste does.


With 1 brewing head and room for 50 used capsules, it is perfect for smaller offices with up to 30 employees.


With the Nespresso Aguila 220, you get top-class brewing and coffee quality. Aguila can brew all types of coffee with or without fresh milk.


When one cup just doesn't cut it, double down on great taste with a great coffee machine, perfect for offices with up to 50 employees.


An absolute beast of a coffee machine that can grind out top-tier coffee experiences nonstop

Superior taste and design combined in an industrial strength coffee machine

Welcome to our selection of Nespresso industrial coffee machines. With Nespresso Professional, you get espresso machines and barista machines that deliver a tasty coffee experience for you, your colleagues and customers. Coffee has developed over time and has become a science in itself, but with our professional industrial coffee machines, it is easy to achieve a tasty cup of coffee every day. Treat your colleagues and customers to coffee from quality industrial coffee machines.

Industrial strength coffee machines for cafés and offices

The needs of each company can vary greatly. That is why you will find a selection of professional coffee machines that can meet the various needs you may have in your company. Through our many years of experience, we have developed the best coffee machines for industry, which give you the right conditions to invest in the right machine for your business.

Not only are the professional coffee machines of high quality and in a timeless design, but with the capsule system it has never been easier to brew exactly the coffee you want. What an individual prefers in coffee varies from person to person.

You might prefer an espresso, while the colleague prefers a cafe latte and the customer wants a macchiato. With our exclusive industrial coffee machines, you can deliver a delicious cup of coffee for every taste.

A professional coffee machine that spoils you and your guests

The machine in itself is of course not enough to achieve the perfect cup of coffee, it requires a sublime synergistic effect between the coffee and the machine. If you choose one of our Nespresso espresso machines or barista machines, you will get a machine that will retain the coffee's aroma. Through the capsule, you always get quality coffee, which is brewed under the best conditions, where the coffee does not risk being scalded. Retain the aroma in your coffee and experience the taste with Nespresso.

Why invest in an industrial coffee machine for your company?

Are you in a company where a lot of coffee is served every day? It can be for the office, the canteen, the restaurant, the hotel and much more. If several cups of coffee are to be served every day and you want to maintain the high quality and the good taste experiences, we recommend that you invest in an industrial coffee machine.

With a professional industrial coffee machine from Nespresso, you get more efficient coffee brewing, which gives you more time in everyday life. Our fully automatic coffee machines mean that the coffee is made quickly and thus you can get on with your task without major disturbances.

At Nespresso Professional, you have the option of using various payment solutions for your industrial coffee machine. We offer both the option of buying the machine or creating a subscription solution, and you can also rent your coffee machine if that makes more sense for your business. Whether you choose to rent, take out a subscription or buy a Nespresso industrial coffee machine, you get the same options for a service agreement and coffee delivery. This makes it easy for you to always have a fully functional coffee machine in everyday life, and we also collect your used coffee capsules, as well as deliver new capsules to your company.

A coffee solution for your every need

At Nespresso Professional, we know that Danes love coffee. Most people have an opinion on how they want it served and also how it should taste.

The need for what the coffee machine must be able to do varies just as much, which is why we have developed industrial coffee machines that fit into different environments and needs.

How to choose the right industrial coffee machine?

It is not always easy to see which coffee machine you should choose for your company.

In order to give you the best conditions for getting the best experience with your coffee machine, we have collected a number of topics that can help you on the right track.

Busy coffee machine in a busy environment?

Do you need a machine that can deliver several cups per hour? Here we recommend our Aguila machines, which allow you to make several customized hot and cold coffee recipes with a single touch. Of the Aguila series, there are both Aguila 220 and Aguila 440, which give you the ultimate barista.

  • Aguila 220 - this is a coffee machine with a large capacity in a compact machine. The coffee machine has no restrictions in relation to what types of coffee it can brew and it can also make coffee with or without milk. The machine has 2 brewing heads, which can brew both black coffee and milk-based coffee. In the machine, you will find 7 preset water and milk-based Grands Crus recipes that give you an exquisite taste every time. Aguila 220 has a particularly efficient energy-saving mode, where you can save up to 95%. The coffee machine can be connected to a direct water supply and water jug.
  • Aguila 440 - through the coffee machine's 4 brewing heads, you have the option of preparing as many as 4 cups at once. Here you can make both hot and cold coffee recipes with a touch. The machine is extremely easy to operate and requires minimal cleaning. Aguila 440 has 7 different preset water and milk based coffee recipes. But that's not enough, you also get an industrial coffee machine with an integrated refrigerator, where you can have up to 5 liters of fresh milk and 2 different types of cow's milk. If you choose the Aguila 440, you get a coffee machine that has both an energy-saving mode and a sleep function, which means you can save up to 95% of normal energy consumption. This coffee machine has the option of a water connection.

Is the coffee machine for your workplace?

If you need a new industrial coffee machine for the workplace, we can recommend our Momento serie. In this series you will find the following coffee machines: 

  • Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk
  • Nespresso Momento Coffee with 1 or 2 brewing heads

Nespresso Momento Coffee

With Nespresso Momento Coffee you will get an amazing barista expert. This machine is designed for office and restaurant environments. The coffee machine comes with a total of 12 milk-based coffee recipes and 4 cup sizes of black coffee. Additionally, the machine is exceptionally easy to maintain, making it an ideal coffee machine for the office and the restaurant.

Nespresso Momento Coffee & Coffee

Here are two versions, both of which are versatile coffee machines. You can choose between the Momento Coffee with 1 or 2 brewing heads.

If you choose the Nespresso Momento Coffee with 1 brewing head, you get the ideal coffee machine for smaller offices. It's a quality coffee machine with a digital display that guides you through the entire coffee experience, making it easy to use for anyone.

In addition, we also offer our Nespresso with 2 brewing heads, which is ideal for medium-sized office environments up to 50 people. The machine comes with the same user-friendly digital display, guiding you through the coffee brewing experience.

A common feature of both machines is the new Americano function, which allows you to make a delicious and large cup of coffee full of flavor, just as we are accustomed to in Scandinavia. Furthermore, the machines are equipped with a water filter create by BRITA®. The filter helps reduce the amount of scale in your Momento, protecting it from deposits. The coffee machines also have the option for direct water connection. 

Zenius for small offices, conference rooms and hotel rooms

Our Zenius ZN 100 is a compact and highly efficient coffee solution that fits perfectly into smaller environments such as small offices, conference rooms or hotel rooms. The machine features an exclusive and stylish design without compromising on the quality of the coffee it brews. This coffee solution is equipped with a unique heating system and can brew Grand Crus in just 30 seconds. Similar to the Aguila family, this machine also offers an energy-saving mode, reducing energy consumption by 90%.

Zenius ZN 100 is a robust and long-lasting solution for your industrial coffee machine. The design even allows you to brew coffee in tall glasses if that is your preference.

Choose Nespresso as your industrial coffee machine 

A good office environment is important, and so is making a great first impression with clients, so why not offer them an exquisite taste experience with their next cup of coffee? With a professional Nespresso industrial coffee machine, you can ensure yourself, your colleagues and your customers a great cup of coffee - every time.

Our coffee machines make it easy for everyone to brew exactly the cup of coffee they need, and you can effortlessly serve coffee all day long. Whether the coffee machine is for the café, restaurant, office or hotel room, we have a machine that suits your needs.

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