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Quality coffee in the office is essential. It directly contributes to creating a more pleasant and productive work environment. And that’s precisely what Nespresso’s coffee machines deliver, as sustainably as possible. Whether the coffee machine is in the office, the kitchen, a meeting room or a lounge, it’s the perfect solution to spread a little more coffee joy among your talented colleagues. In addition to setting up the mood for a relaxed coffee break, studies also show that Nespresso’s coffee solutions can actively contribute to increased profitability*.



of customers believe that Nespresso coffee creates a positive image of the company*


of customers feel that the company cares about them*


of customers sees the company a modern*

Source: Strategisk forskningsstudie fra 2014.

ESPRESSO, LUNGO or RISTRETTO? which coffee would you like to start your meeting with? 

Our wide range of coffee varieties ensures there’s something for everyone’s taste. Whether your employees prefer an aromatic espresso, a rich lingo or a foamy cappuccino, we have the perfect coffee for them.

Creamy and harmonic
Intensity 6 / 12
Intense and spicy
Intensity 10 / 12
Sweet and silky
Intensity 4 / 12
Fruity and elegant
Intensity 6 / 12
Rich and silky
Intensity 6 / 12
Aromatic decaf
Intensity 7 / 12
Balanced and malty
Intensity 7 / 12
Intensity 9 / 12
Dark and intense
Intensity 12 / 12
Intensity 5 / 12
Intensity 6 / 12
Deep and intense
Intensity 8 / 12
Toasted Cereal
Intensity 0 / 12
Sweet and delicate
Intensity 0 / 12
Creamy caramel
Intensity 0 / 12
Balanced and aromatic
Intensity 0 / 12
Creamy and sweet
Intensity 0 / 12
From delicate to dark
Intensity 0 / 12
Discovery kit, 12 variants
Fra mild til mørk
Intensity 0 / 12
Discovery kit, 6 variants
From delicate to dark
Intensity 0 / 12

The choices we make 

Since 2003, Nespresso has worked closely with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure the environment, coffee plants and our coffee beans have the best possible conditions for growth. Discover how each cup of Grand Cru contributes to making a positive impact on the world and make a more sustainable coffee choice for your business. 

The journey towards a 100% sustainable coffee economy is well underway. Follow our progress here 

Reusable packaging

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The positive Cup

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The heart of home projektet

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Invest in workplace happiness with a Nespresso coffee solution for the office

Give your employees a coffee experience beyond the ordinary with Nespresso Professional coffee solutions. Contact us today and let us help you create an inspiring and productive workplace!


coffee machines that elevate your business

At Nespresso Professional we understand the importance of starting the day right, and that often involves a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. That’s why we’ve dedicated our time and expertise to designing office coffee machines thar pour a quality cup every single time.

Whether your office is small, medium-sized or large, whether you own a restaurant, cafe or hotel, Nespresso Professional has the right solution for you. Our coffee machines are designed to brew the best coffee, no matter how many cups you need to brew at once.

A great cup of coffee – every time

Our coffee machines for offices are easy to use and consistently deliver an exquisite taste in every cup, saving time and energy while ensuring that every coffee experience is as good as the last. Your cup of coffee is always served with the best aroma, cream, depth and character, just as it should be. 

Consistent high-quality is what you get with Nespresso Professional. In other words, we don’t compromise when it comes to good taste. Our dedication to providing the best coffee experience is significant, and it comes from the heart. We always strive not only to meet but to exceed our customer’s expectations every single time.  

The coffee machine for the small office 

Are you in a small office where you want a smaller but equally effective coffee machine as larger ones? At Nespresso Professional, we understand that there are different needs depending on the size of the coffee machine, but that quality should never be compromised. 

For smaller offices, we typically recommend our Zenius ZN 100 or Momento Coffee. Both coffee machines are ideal for smaller offices. For example Zenius is ready to brew a Grand Cru coffee in just 30 seconds due to its unique heating system. Momento Coffee, with 1 brewing head, features the new Americano function, which brews Scandinavia’s favorite coffee, a large cup full of flavor and aroma. 

Both machines comes with a smart energy-saving feature, making it easy to minimize the costs associated with the coffee machine. 




Coffee machines for larger offices

It is not uncommon for lines to form at the coffee machine in larger offices. At Nespresso Professional, we have addressed this challenge by offering coffee machines with 2-4 brewing heads, depending on your needs. This makes it easy to brew multiple employee’s favorite coffee simultaneously with a single push. 



Do you have a medium-sized office with up to 50 employees? In that case, we recommend our Momento Coffee & Coffee with 2 brewing heads. Just like the version with 1 brewing heads, this one also has the Americano function. 

Both Momento Coffee and Momento Coffee & Coffee come with a BRITA® water filter, which makes the machines incredibly easy to clean and maintain because it protects the machine from scale build-up.


Is the pace typically fast at your office? Then get the ultimate barista with the Agilea family. You can choose between Aguila 220 and Aguila 440. 

Aguila 220 is a coffee machine with a compact design and high capacity. It offers 7 pre-set milk and water-based Grand Cru recipes and comes with an integrated fridge that holds up to 5 liters of milk. 

Aguila 440 allows you to brew 4 cups of coffee at once. It also offers the same 7 delicious pre-set milk and water-based coffee recipes as Aguila 220. The coffee machines includes an integrated fridge with a capacity of up to 5 liters and can accommodate 2 types of milks. 

Bother Aguila 220 og 440 are easy to operate and clean. The machines have an energy-saving function that can help you save on your company’s electricity bill. 

Benefits of choosing a Nespresso coffee machine for the office

When choosing a Nespresso coffee machine for the office, you can expect high quality in every cup. Our fully automatic coffee machines are designed to consistently deliver high-quality coffee in each cup. Whether you’re brewing a single cup or multiple cups as once, you can be confident that the taste is always perfect.

Our coffee machines are easy to use. Anyone can brew a great cup of coffee on our fully automatic coffee machines. They are user-friendly and require no special training or coffee expertise, making them ideal for any workplace where efficiency and great coffee go hand in hand. 

Whether you work in a small or medium-sized office, restaurant, café or hotel, we have a fully automatic coffee machine that suits your needs. Our range of coffee machines are designed to handle everything from small to medium-sized workplaces. 

The coffee machines are highly reliable and efficient. Nespresso Professional’s fully automatic coffee machines are built to last. They are robust, reliable and efficient, ensuring they can withstand daily use in a busy workplace. 

Not only do the machines brew great coffee, you also get an elegant design. They have a sleek, modern design that will enhance the look of any workplace. 

At Nespresso Professional, we are committed to taking responsibility for the environment. Our fully automatic coffee machines are energy-efficient and we offer reusable capsules, contributing to a more sustainable coffee solution. 

No matter what your business needs, Nespresso Professional’s fully automatic coffee machines for the office are the right choice. The are designed to deliver the best coffee experience while being easy to use, reliable and environmentally friendly. Invest in a Nespresso Professional fully automatic coffee machine today and elevate your company’s coffee experience. 

Find your coffee machine for the office here 

For us at Nespresso Professional, it’s not just about coffee, it’s about delivering the perfect experience in every cup. Invest in a Nespresso Professional coffee machine today and feel the difference in quality and taste. Your business deserves the best. Your business deserves Nespresso Professional.